I was born and raised in South Africa. After years of trauma, chronic anxiety, and depression, I desired to find a way out. After completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminology, I was led on an adventure in the African bush protecting wildlife. It was during my year of service I began to go within and search for freedom. It had taken 7 years of inner work, various crises, breakdowns, and failures, before one day I woke up and experienced a radical transformation of mind and soul. Through cultivating this transformation- I was called to coach and guide others to their own personal freedom.

I was once told it was not possible to overcome psychological suffering. However, today I believe that anything is possible.

I am a firm believer that one ought to never give up even under dire circumstances. Why? Because breakthroughs are available to everyone.

I hold space for you to transform your mind, heart, and spirit to find freedom.